Customer Focus

We believe in retention of customer through profitable business model for both. To do so, we believe in being highly accountable for providing effective solutions through power of innovation. We focus on customer life cycle while addressing their needs.


We as organization believe that "People" is one of the key success factors for organization. We carry philosophy that organization is as strong as their people are. There is continuous focus on developing people inside organization to take up new business challenges. We believe in organic growth of people and support them for it. People development is one of the continual goal for organization to achieve success in work place as well as market place

Operational Excellence

We define operational excellence for us as 'approach taken by organization to deliver value to customer by performing required activities effectively in all senses'. As a part of it, organization is committed for continual improvement to achieve higher state of organization maturity. We prefer to benchmark ourselves in given market to build self awareness. Because we believe that self-awareness is first step taken on the path of continual improvement. Our goal is to make organization framework flexible enough to cater all kinds of targeted customer segments in profitable way. To achieve it, we consider operational excellence is the path.


We as organization and individuals working in organization are committed for possessing the virtue of integrity through our actions based upon an internally consistent framework of principles. We are bound to follow these principles uniformly to sound logical in our approach to support business. We as organization and individual believe to be flexible and willing to adjust ourselves to adopt these principals. We demonstrate loyalty to rational principles and values which we carry.

Team Work

While supporting each individual to develop themselves, we believe in team work. We believe in Nash’s equilibrium theorem “The best result in competition is when everyone in the group does what's best for himself......AND the group.”


Be a leader in targeted market place for developing innovative and profitable business solutions.


Build a sustainable operation by inculcating core values of organization as culture of it and allows building required competencies to become leader in targeted market.

Mr.Mahesh Toradmal
    He is engineering graduate from prime institute and done master's degree in Business management in Information Systems and Finance. He is having total 15 years of experience in field of information technology. He is experienced across all functions under IT organization. His ability of devising business strategy and developing operational plan to achieve it makes him special.
    Handling operations with ease to make it sustainable in long run is something which he knows very well. He being people and facts focused person allows organization to form right balance between people and process to achieve results. He enjoys reading books and traveling.

Mr. Suresh Gawade
    He being B.Com graduate and F.C.A. brings immense knowledge of 'Finance' as a language of business. He holds overall 20+ years of experience in the field of finance management. He is practicing as a Chartered Accountant and advisor in corporate financial matters, auditing Pvt. Ltd. Companies, banks, government and private institutes.
    He holds responsible positions in reputed financial institutes and banks. Shri Rukmini Sahakari Bank Ltd., Dist - Ahmednagar and Jai Bhavani Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune are banks where he is part of board of directors. His overall experience and expertise make IBUS organization financially disciplined.

Mrs. Manisha R. Gawade
    She being post graduate from prime institute and studied human psychology brings great amount of knowledge and experience with her to handle human matters. She looks into the people part of organization and manages HR operations. Her expertise helps organization to build right talent pool to handle different challenges while serving customers effectively.
    She being visionary and effective communicator helps overall organization to put all forces together in one direction to achieve company's vision. She works as great source of creativity and innovation for team.

Adv. Sandeep Chorge
    He is Commerce Graduate of University of Pune, pursued his graduation from Garware College of Commerce one of the prime educational institute in Pune. Further he did Law Graduation from welknown Indian Law Society ( I. L. S Law College ) college Pune, India. Today he is successfully practising Law in various Courts in Pune as well in various Courts in India with a healthy experience of 20 years in the field of Law.
    He has a vast experience in Corporate Law, Cyber Law and various Laws of the Land in existence. He is a distinguished personality maintaining healthy public relations as part of his career as a law professional. He likes travelling a lot. He also has keen interest in reading books and various sports activties.